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The Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Healthcare industry encompasses the opportunities related to medicine, nursing, medical technology and research, physical therapy, and much more.

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Industry Highlights

You might want to consider a career in the Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Healthcare industry if:

  • You're really into your health, science, or math classes.
  • You like learning about the human body. 
  • You like working on science experiments at school.
  • You want to help people feel better about their health.
  • You want to work in a high-tech lab someday.

Get the facts

The Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Healthcare industry includes many high-paying and fast-growing career opportunities in Texas. That means when you’re ready to enter the workforce, the jobs will be there – like in nursing, physical therapy, and radiologic technology.

This industry is expected to employ 646,000 in Texas by 2026. View this infographic to discover the opportunities.

Occupation Spotlight
Physicals Therapists make on average $65,000 to $111,000
Career Diversity
Careers in fields like nursing, physical therapy, research, and management
Education Options
Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree
Male and female nurses looking at a computer in a hospital

Career Profile: Nurse

If you have a passion for putting your health and medical knowledge to work while also helping others, nursing is a great option. A nurse cares for the ill, injured, and disabled in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, and other places. You can become a nurse by completing an associate degree, getting a nursing certification, or even attaining a professional nursing degree. Some essential skills include: always looking for ways to help people, the ability to monitor and assess the performance of yourself and others to make an improvement, good listening skills, and giving full attention to what people are saying and doing.

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