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The Energy industry encompasses the opportunities related to utilities, power plants, environmental sciences, engineering, and much more.

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Industry Highlights

You might want to consider a career in the Energy industry if:

  • You like thinking about how the world is powered.
  • You like looking at numbers and data.
  • You like working with new technology and equipment.
  • You're interested in the environment.
  • You have a scientific mind and like thinking outside the box.

Get the facts

The Energy industry includes many high-paying and fast-growing career opportunities in Texas. That means when you’re ready to enter the workforce, the jobs will be there – like in utilities, power plants, environmental sciences, and engineering.

This industry is expected to employ 285,000 in Texas by 2026. View this infographic to discover the opportunities.

Occupation Spotlight
Environmental Scientists make on average $47,000 to $108,000
Career Diversity
Careers in fields like utilities, power plants, environmental sciences, and mechanical engineering
Education Options
Industry-Recognized Certifications, Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree
Young male power plant worker smiling

Career Profile: Power Plant Operator

A power plant operator is someone who controls or operates machinery to generate electric power. This person may also oversee and monitor equipment to make sure it runs correctly and making repairs as needed. You can become a power plant operator by getting your high school diploma, earning an industry-recognized certificate, or even earning an associate degree. Some essential skills include knowledge of machines and tools to maintain and repair power plant equipment, the ability to apply logic and reasoning to incidents that occur, and good communication skills to convey information effectively at the plant.

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