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The Transportation and Logistics industry encompasses the opportunities related to air travel, heavy and tractor-trailer trucking, cargo and freight, industrial machinery, bus and truck mechanics, and much more.

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Industry Highlights

You might want to consider a career in the Transportation and Logistics industry if:

  • You love road trips -- and can't wait to drive.
  • You are a natural salesperson.
  • You like it when things run on time.
  • You like the idea of driving a big truck or flying a big cargo plane.
  • You like fixing cars and trucks.

Get the facts

The Transportation and Logistics industry includes many high-paying and fast-growing career opportunities in Texas. That means when you’re ready to enter the workforce, the jobs will be there – like in air travel, heavy and tractor-trailer trucking, cargo and freight, industrial machinery, and bus and truck mechanics.

The industry is expected to employ 428,000 in Texas by 2026. View this infographic to discover the opportunities.

Occupation Spotlight
Airline Pilots make on average $111,000 to $237,000
Career Diversity
Careers in fields like shipping logistics, tractor-trailer trucking, sales, industrial machinery, and vehicle mechanics
Education Options
Industry-Recognized Certificate, Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree
Male and female logistics and sales managers look at laptop

Career Profile: Sales Manager

The Transportation and Logistics industry is seeking more sales managers – so if you’re a natural salesperson, this is the career for you! A sales manager plans, directs, or coordinates the actual distribution of movement of a product or service to the customer. You can become a sales manager by completing an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. Some essential skills include knowledge of sales and marketing principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services, great customer service skills to meet and exceed customer expectations, and good communication skills, including listening, speaking, and persuasion skills.

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